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$199* Fixed Price Caravan Service

Ensure the ongoing maintenance and warranty validity of your caravan with regular servicing at a fixed price of just $199*.  Fully qualified technicians will complete a thorough service checklist to ensure your caravan is operating as it should and record in your log book to meet warranty requirements.

$199* Caravan Service Checklist


  • Check and grease drop down corner steadies
  • Check all silicon sealant, roof, hatches, JMold and around windows and doors
  • Check and lubricate windows if required
  • Lubricate door and cupboard hinges
  • Clean the door and window seals and apply rubber conditioner
  • Check that the blinds all work
  • Water tank mountings and hoses inspected for integrity and protection
  • Check air-conditioning tension bolts
  • Check condition of hot water anode


Internal Appliances

  • Check that the gas hoses are not leaking and are not perished
  • Check the water pump works and all the taps and showers work
  • Check that the toilet flush mechanism works    


  • Remove left front wheel and check brake shoe wear and brake adjustment.
  • Check movement in wheel bearing adjustment on all wheels
  • Springs and shackles checked for wear, outriggers, chassis rails, cross-members and A-frames checked for damage/fatigue
  • Check the tyre pressure and inflate as required
  • Check wheel nut tensions



Lighting and Electrical

  • Check that the external lights work correctly
  • Check that all of the mains and battery powered lights work inside the caravan
  • Check that the battery is still holding a charge


*Ask for a quote on service and repair services that are not included in the Fixed Price Service Checklist

Service & Repair

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